138,000 tourism workers in France lost their jobs in 2021, report reveals

The French travel and tourism sector lost 138,000 jobs, a reduction of 10.5% in the sector, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has revealed.

In addition, around 219,000 workers would have remained unemployed in the second half of 2021, representing one in seven vacancies in the sector. Looking ahead to 2022, the labor market is expected to remain fragile, with an expected average shortage of 15,000 workers, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

Despite all the restrictions imposed in June 2021, the French tourism and travel sector has seen a boost during the summer season, which has resulted in the country registering the lowest job shortage of all Member States. of the EU. The WTTC report projects that Spain will experience a job shortage of 16,000 workers, while Italy expects losses of 230,000 jobs.

Previously, the WTTC conducted a report with McKinsey Company – ‘Adapting to endemic Covid-19: the outlook for business travel‘, which revealed that business travel spending in Europe recorded a 36% increase, followed by a 28% increase throughout 2022.

“We continue to see incremental progress, and this report illustrates just how important business travel is to the global economy. Travel and tourism will continue to drive progress for millions around the world, especially as people start to travel againsaid Chris Nassetta, CEO of Hilton Worldwide.

Another study by WTTC shows that travel and tourism in France jumped 34.9% last year, which may represent an additional 38 billion euros or 35% annual growth, which is expected to reach 21.8 % by 2022. percent, or about 32 billion euros.

“Last year, the pandemic caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in France. This year, employment remains stable, but we expect a strong increase in travel and tourism in France next year as long as the country remains open to vaccinated travellers”, Julia Simpson, CEO of WTTC, said Simpson while stressing that France is recovering from the pandemic faster than other EU member states.

The same said around 200,000 French citizens engaged in the travel and tourism sector lost their jobs last year, but employment rates are expected to remain at similar levels in 2022 – with a potential increase of 9 .4%, representing 236,000 vacancies.

However, France, which holds the EU presidency for the first half of 2022, has announced that it is determined to become a leading green destination for tourism this year, as French Prime Minister Jean Castex presented Destination France, a ten-year plan, with a budget of 1.91 billion euros allocated to bounce back and transform the badly damaged tourism sector. The budget will include restoring hotels, cafes, restaurants and other facilities to make them more sustainable.

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