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Plants have the ability to transform even the most mundane spaces into something magical with their color, life and whimsy. And when combined with architecture, fountains, sculpture and other elements to create a garden, plants can also transform the way we think. Whether you’ve been designing for a decade or a lifetime, a visit to an imaginative, well-designed outdoor space can inspire future projects and can help you improve your own skills and outlook.

To compile the ultimate list of must-visit gardens, AD PRO consulted a range of celebrity designers, who carefully selected their favorites from around the world. For some, these wonderful places have gone so far as to shape the creative process, whether through the emotion the garden evokes or the beauty it offers. As travel resumes, consider stopping at one of these 14 locations.

Central Park in New York

Photo: Todd Eberle

Central Park, New York

“Most creators are travelers. All over the world, botanical and private and public gardens are a place of escape, to soak up the beauty, colors and uniqueness of each person. Nature creates a moment to exhale. It’s part of who we are and we’re always looking for inspiration. I love Central Park in New York, there is nothing quite like it. It is a large and beautiful garden with a lake, a zoo and paths. I love it for many reasons. I remember the first time I entered the park: it was a huge surprise to me that something so beautiful, green and lush could exist in the middle of this urban environment. I literally saw the joy it brought to people walking, jogging or having a picnic, and children running around. People needed it, myself included. It has influenced me a lot, and I make sure to bring greenery into my clients’ homes and my own. Even my office is filled with greenery. Just applying these ideas is like creating a big space for a client. —Brigette Romanek, Romanek Design Studio

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