Chelsea: Thomas Tuchel fears unvaccinated stars will face huge consequences if denied entry to Lille

Thomas Tuchel fears Chelsea will face ‘enormous consequences’ if their unvaccinated stars are denied entry to France for their Champions League tie with Lille… but the Blues boss insists players are free to leave. make their own choices

  • Thomas Tuchel said Chelsea face big consequences due to French Covid rules
  • France has imposed strict new laws on the entry of the unvaccinated
  • The government has warned that sports stars will not be granted special dispensation
  • Rules could prevent Chelsea players from traveling to their Lille game

Thomas Tuchel admits Chelsea face ‘huge consequences’ if unvaccinated players are unable to travel to France for their Champions League tie at Lille, but sticks to his views on freedom of choice.

“At some point, everyone who is not vaccinated will suffer consequences,” Tuchel said. ‘Is it wrong that they are not (stung)? I just don’t know. I made a decision for me. The majority made the decision to get vaccinated.

“For us, isolated as a football team, the consequences can be huge if players are not allowed to travel to France and that can create problems for us. We may not be able to use key players, but we are aware of it and it is a constant noise.

Thomas Tuchel fears Chelsea will be affected by France’s ultra-strict border controls

France bans the unvaccinated from entering and in-the-know sports stars will not be exempt

France bans the unvaccinated from entering and in-the-know sports stars will not be exempt

France has imposed tough new laws, warning of no exemptions for sports stars, but Chelsea are in talks with UEFA in search of a solution before traveling to Lille in March.

Tuchel’s side will have a week off after Sunday’s game against Tottenham and will be free to travel abroad. “We tell them to be careful, there will be recommendations but in the end they are free citizens,” he said.

Tuchel hopes a change of scenery can recharge the bodies as their campaign runs out of steam. The defeat at Manchester City last weekend was followed by a draw at Brighton three days later.

“After the loss to City, the gap widened enormously,” added Tuchel. “Playing again on Tuesday, I could feel the emotions taking over. We want to be mature enough to examine why we feel this kind of fatigue.

‘We tell them to be careful but they are free citizens,’ Tuchel said of unvaccinated players

Meanwhile, Harry Kane has told his Tottenham team-mates not to waste the chance they have been given to work with manager Antonio Conte.

“He’s one of the best managers in the world,” Kane told Sky Sports. “It’s a great opportunity now to take advantage of what we have. He’s a manager who demands a lot.

On speculation about his own future, Kane said only, “I just want to play at the highest level possible.”


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