Christmas honor for the town of French River


Christmas arrived early for the town of Noëlville.

Located in French River, the community was chosen to feature in this year’s limited-edition holiday commemorative stamp set.

The name Noelville will be on the postmark that comes with everyone’s mail and there will only be 7,000.

Canada Post stamp services manager Bronwyn Graves said some will be available for purchase in Noelville itself, while the rest will be distributed nationwide.

“This year we have a series of illustrations that will focus on Santa Claus, an elf and Rudolph and to go along with these some are called an official day one cover. An official day one cover is basically a collector’s envelope and there’s a holiday stamp in the corner and something in the corner called ‘cancel’, so it’s basically the postmark that shows it has been processed by your post office, ”he said. Graves explained.

“For these collectibles, these first-day envelopes, we always choose a postmark that is sort of tied to the story, so we’re looking for a place that has a Canada Post office but also a connection to the story. “she said.

Noelville, having Noel in his name made the community a clear link.

Canada Post has been making the holiday stamp since 1964 and it is not known if the community has been chosen before.

“Stamp collectors love first day envelopes because it is a collector’s item and it’s an opportunity to tell the story we are trying to tell inside the stamp. First day wraps often include a bit of art, ”Graves said.

Christmas Island, Nova Scotia, was also chosen with Vancouver for the Asaki baseball team and Montreal for the tribute to Leanard Cohen.

French River (Noelville) Mayor Gisèle Pageau says it’s an incredible honor.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Pageau said. “It honors not only our city, but Noël Desmarais who was the first merchant here in Noëlville … but I must tell you that choosing the city is a magical thing because magical things happen here at Christmas time.”

The mayor says they plan to have a parade of lights at the end of the month. She calls this a time of celebration and reflection in the community.

“They (the citizens) are going to be absolutely thrilled, I’m sure there will be queues at the post office to get these stamps. I understand this is a limited edition, so I I’m sure everyone here will be going to get at least a tampon or two or a dozen. I love this because I use them with my Christmas cards, “she said.

Noelville first day stamps and envelopes are available now on the website or at post offices across the country.

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