Dianne Seyler: The district should keep a French program that connects with sister cities | Letters to the Editor

La Crosse currently has eight sister cities. One of the goals of our sister cities is to promote communication, cultural understanding and personal connections between residents of La Crosse and residents of our sister cities around the world.

According to recent statistics, there are 321 million French speakers in the world, of which 255 million speak it daily. This includes three of La Crosse’s sister cities. In Épinal, France, the first sister city of La Crosse, French is of course the official spoken language. In Kumbo, Cameroon, French, the country’s official language, is used daily. And in Junglinster, Luxembourg, due to its geographical location, French and German are the official languages ​​along with Luxembourgish.

But it seems the La Crosse School District, in choosing to eliminate French from the district’s school curriculum, has decided that it doesn’t appreciate or see the need to support these global French connections. What does this action say to these sister cities?

Since 1986, many La Crosse students have benefited from the advantages of the relationship with Epinal. In order to be able to continue to develop this link, I encourage the district to reconsider the elimination of the French program in La Crosse schools.

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