French fishermen could block British ships’ access to French ports in action this week

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 7:54 PM

French fishermen may be considering blocking British ships’ access to French ports, after Britain refused to grant more licenses to operate in British waters.

France has accused Britain of not granting enough permits to French fishermen as part of a post-Brexit deal.

“The action is imminent,” warned Olivier Lepretre, president of the organization which represents the interests of fishermen in northern France. Discussions have been going on for months.

“Britain wants to access the European market? They should give us the licenses. Otherwise, we will cut off their access, ”he said.

Lepretre did not give details of the action, but Stéphane Fournier, one of dozens of fishermen awaiting a permit, told Reuters the fishermen were told the action would start from Friday. .

“All cross-Channel traffic (and) all freight in all ports in France will be blocked,” Fournier said.

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