The new work by Franco-Greek filmmaker Romain Gavras ‘Gener8ion’ at the Onassis Foundation, January 15 – Greek City Times


Franco-Greek filmmaker Romain Gavras presents his new work “Gener8ion” at the Onassis Foundation in Athens from January 15 to February 27.

Gavras, who has directed music videos for world famous artists like Kanye West, MIA, Jay-Z and Justice, has prepared his new multimedia project in co-production with Onassis Culture, French art collective Iconoclast and music producer Surkin .

Shown in three different places of the Onassis Foundation, -Onassis Mandra, Onassis Ready and Onassis Stegi- the multimedia installation Gener8ion describes a dystopian future set in 2034 and also calls on actress Charlize Theron in the role of a scanner of artificial intelligence that collects human emotions.

“It was my first time filming in Greece and I felt very comfortable. With the support of Onassis Culture and my amazing Greek team, we created something that I couldn’t do anywhere else in the world, which was built from images and places from Greece that I had. in mind when I was a kid, “notes Gavras, adding that” children are still children, they do things that children do and create memories even when the world falls apart.

The official GENER8ION 070 Shake – Neo Surf video is available on YouTube

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